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Diamond in the Rubble

My wife and I enjoy backpacking in the mountains each summer. This year was no exception, as we feasted our eyes on some of the most spectacular sights the Canadian Rockies have to offer. We added Snowbird Pass in Mount Robson Provincial Park to our collection of visual gems visited.

We also lost a gem on that trip. At some point, the diamond in my wife’s wedding ring fell out. Perhaps the ring’s claws had worn down. Any vigorous activity or contact with rocks or trees could have jarred the stone loose. There was no point in searching for the diamond, as it would be impossible to find such a tiny jewel amidst the gravel and grit of the trail.

I was grieved to think of a precious stone hidden forever under the rubble of a mountain trail. This led me to think about personal accomplishments. Our achievements can also quickly and totally disappear from sight. What if my most cherished achievements don’t outlive me, or don’t even accompany me to my later years? Could they be buried by history? Could they be lost as the context changes?

I am comforted by the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught that truly important deeds will be remembered and rewarded. Jesus said that the jewels and diamonds that will attract his attention are selfless acts such as giving drink to the thirsty and clothing to the naked. Even if we forget having done these things, perhaps undervaluing their importance, Jesus will remember that these deeds sparkled for Him. Moreover, these deeds, when done in love, will flow out of a life dedicated not to achievement, but to Jesus himself. The output of those who have chosen to devote themselves to Jesus is like diamonds sparkling in the sun. Those diamonds won’t get lost!

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